Monday, March 8, 2010

21st century femininity

Photo of Madeleine Carrol

My goodness, it's been too long!

I had to share this wonderful old romantic comedy I watched just tonight called, My Love for Yours.

So, I wonder, what is it about old movies that I love so much? I think it's a combination of things, but there is one thing I observed tonight in particular. For instance, in this movie, though the leading lady was supposed to be somewhat of a feminist in her thinking (this comes to change), she possessed such a lovely and feminine countenance. There wasn't a thing rude or crude about her behavior. She was strong but not pushy or overbearing. Such a contrast to the trend today, which, I'm afraid to admit, creeps it's way into my countenance sometimes.

If only we had the courage and confidence to be soft and vulnerable- and it does take courage, too! Sometimes it can feel like a casting of pearls to be trampled upon, but we mustn't give up... right? What do you think?

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