Monday, October 26, 2009

the new authentic beauty online course- coming soon!

Dear Girls,

Thanks so much for the encouraging thoughts on my last post. I'm not very good at transparency, and at times it can be quite painful. :P Ah, the joys of growing. :)

I am so excited to announce a new program starting in January! I will be overseeing a course on health and social graces put on by the Authentic Beauty blog. This is a hands-on one week course where girls will learn about health, fitness, personal style (with an emphasis on femininity and modesty), graciously relating to others, etiquette, and so many other topics which we've discussed here on Authentic Beauty.

What does that mean for you? Following the live course being held here on Guam, will be an online course with a downloadable workbook and video sessions taught by yours truly and others. So keep your eyes open for the "coming out" date!

With Love,

Sunday, October 18, 2009

oh, to be a peacemaker

Have you ever wondered why some people just clash with you? When you see that person perhaps you avoid them, or perhaps you often find yourself offended with them? Well that person for me can be my mom.

She is miss personality! She is very fun, social and outgoing with the gift of administration (telling others what to do in order to accomplish a bigger goal). I am thoughtful, and can be of the introverted persuasion. I like my space and am somewhat independent, as in I like to work alone a lot of times.

Often times, my dad and brother can serve as a peaceful presence and may take away from any tension, but for two weeks in the Philippines just recently, it was just her and I. We ate together, we slept in the same hotel room together, we spent our "down time" together, and because it's unsafe to be alone in a foreign place, we went everywhere together. Either we were going to have a trip full of little tensions here or there, or we were going to have to settle our issues for real in order to have peace.

"Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God."
Matthew 5:9

Here are some failed attempts at peacemaking:

While eating breakfast, I noticed at the buffet some "garlic rice". "Hm, that looks interesting," I thought. And began to put some on my plate. My mom then comes along and says, "That's garlic rice." "Yes, I know it's garlic rice," I said in return. Didn't she know that I could read for myself?

Later, as we began eating, she looked at me and asked if I would like some salt. My reply was, "If I want some salt, I will get it."

Can you tell that I was getting it all wrong? Grr. Points earned for the outer man. What is it that made me so irritated by her questions?

My mom is the sort of person that if she senses an offence, she won't rest until it's settled. As annoying as this is at times, especially when I, for instance, just want to ignore that there is any tension and forget about the whole thing, but know deep down that for the sake having true peace instead of passive aggression, this is the right thing.

"Moreover if thy brother shall trespass against thee, go and tell him his fault between thee and him alone: if he shall hear thee, thou hast gained thy brother."
Matthew 18:15

So, we talked about it right at our breakfast table. She asked me why I was being short with her when she was trying to be nice to me. Be nice to me? Is that was she was trying to do? I was under the impression that she must think me ditsy or incapable of taking care of myself, and I told her such. "No," she said, "I didn't think that. I just thought how likely it would be for me to make an honest mistake by getting the wrong thing. Plus you've been feeling kind of sick lately, so I didn't know if you would like to eat that strong garlic. And when someone offers you salt you should simply say, "No thank-you", not "I'll get it if I want it.""

By this time I felt like the brat I had been acting like. She was right. I had been rude when she was trying to be thoughtful! I had it all wrong. But if I would have kept in mind the command of my Lord to,

Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee.
Exodus 20:12

I would not have dared to be so disrespectful to her. The only way I can talk about it now without the uttermost shame is because forgiveness has been asked and given by both parties, and a purpose to not be so foolish again on my part has been made.

Let's recap the story: 1) I was so quick to judge as to what her intentions were by the look of her actions, when really I had no idea and could have no idea of what she was thinking. 2) I was rude and unladylike; a bad representation of the daughter of a king. 3) I spoke without thinking.

What can we learn? 1) Don't be so quick to judge the motives of others. 2) Think before you open your mouth. 3) If you can't say anything nice... you know the rest! 4) Honor your father and mother, even if you are technically an "adult". 5)It's good to talk out offences and ask for forgiveness so that reconciliation can happen. 6) We should learn from our mistakes and move on with the intention of not doing them again.

My mom, though we clash sometimes, and mostly because of personality differences (she is a san-chlore and I'm mostly melancholy), I value almost more than anybody. If I want a true observation, I go to her. If I'm stumped for ideas, she's the one I ask. If I need help with anything, she is there. And I know, without a doubt, that her love is unconditional, and because of that I can tell her anything. And perhaps that's how I'm able to be so careless with my words and actions towards her. How ridiculous is that? For one of the people I love the most I would treat so?

It makes me think about my God. How often to I take what He does for me for granted? Or push His guidance aside? And even if I act like a 2-yr-old, He still loves me and is ever-so patient? It blows my mind.

Ever-striving to cultivate authentic beauty,


I love this woman!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

curling with a flat iron

I have been trying this tip out for two days. What a fun and neat trick!


Monday, October 12, 2009

missionary beauty

As a missionary girl, obviously I can't always afford certain luxuries that one can find in the beauty aisle at the department store. This is okay, because with some creativity and innovative thinking I don't necessarily have to do without, and neither do you! Here are some tips to keeping cute without the cost.

Lose the shine!
If you deal with midday shine as I do, having something to eliminate the shine is a dream. Oil absorbing sheets have the power to do just that, but are a little on the pricey side. A crafty alternative is to use... if you can believe it, toilet seat covers that you can find at almost any public restroom. I'm not suggesting that you stock up on these on your next day out, but you can most certainly remove the center that serves no real purpose and would otherwise be wasted anyway, and use right away or store in your purse for later. You simply press the paper where you have a problem, and you should be able to notice a difference immediately.

Oh, hair!
On my latest trip to the Philippines, I didn't really take into account that the outlets there are different to the ones we have here on Guam, and thus my curling iron was killed my first day after plugging it in. Two weeks with no blow-dryer or curling iron- what's a girl to do?

Prior to leaving for PI I read in a magazine at a salon that a way to create nice waves without curlers or a curling iron is to apply some sort of product to damp hair, place in a super-high bun, and sleep in it overnight. The result is something like this:

FYI: Abroad I discovered this amazing citrus soda which has since replaced Sprite's place in my heart.

Make them last!
Razor heads can be so expensive. A way to make them last longer and save yourself some cash on shaving cream, is to shave with baby oil! Razor heads can last for months without causing any razor burn, plus baby oil provides up to 10x the moisture on wet skin than lotion can on dry skin. All around, it's a good choice. However, be sure to scrub your tub after use, as it can make it dangerously slippery. Just ask my brother. ;-)

I'd love to hear of some your tips!

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