Thursday, December 31, 2009

exciting news about the Authentic Beauty online course!

The Authentic Beauty on-site and online courses are underway! The AuthBeau course team has been working diligently in preparation, designing, video shooting, researching, and the like. All this to provide a quality program designed to enhance your life, challenge you, and help you to be beautiful not only on the outside, but most importantly, on the inside where it counts!

Things that will thoroughly studied are:
}Health (eating properly, sleep schedules, vitamins...)
}Fitness (exercise routines, lifestyle, habits...)
}Hygiene (proper skin, hair, and nail care...)
}Personal Style (a total body evaluation: the most complimentary hairstyle for your facial shape, how to dress for your body shape, the best clothing colors for your skin tone, getting the most out of your wardrobe, "what to where when...")
}Social Graces (introductions, dining out, giving gifts, writing notes, writing letters, phone etiquette, hosting events, being a good guest, public speaking...)

I'd love to host the online course simultaneously to the hands-on, on-site event; however, I don't think I will be able to effectively pull it off. You can bet, though, that I'll be posting updates on how the event is coming!

For the online course you will need to register. I will be sending you lessons and assignments daily via e-mail ). Please e-mail me ( so I can send you a registration e-form.

Because it's our first go around, this course is free, but if you would like to donate to AuthBeau you are more than welcome to do so! Proceeds will go to help further the AuthBeau vision of encouraging authentic beauty in young woman through camps, classes, and other resources.

I can't tell you how excited I am!


beauty: God's idea

Wow, I am so amazed at the awesome world God has created.

If you type "beautiful nature" in google search, this is what you will find:

What a loving God we have. It's impossible to not see the beauty in it all and to
recognize that God is the Creator of beauty in all it's forms.
We appreciate that which is readily recognizable to our eyes, but looking closer we can see
beauty abounding in fullness in a thing we call service-
service prompted by love, done in joy, and given with no strings attached.
We can see beauty in a thing called praise.
Praise given in adoration to the maker of the rain.
What is this love that takes place between a man and a woman? God designed it Himself, and deemed it the perfect representation of Christ, the bridegroom, and His bride, the church.
The beauty of sweet fellowship- friends that stick closer than a brother.
The joy of discovery and learning. Diving deeper to understand the creation we live in, and all there that abounds.
The unmistakable miracle of life- how it happens, why it happens...

it's beautiful.


Thursday, December 24, 2009

in blog love

A friend is letting me borrow her sewing machine and so my mind has been going crazy with project ideas!

While doing some research on embellishments, I came across an amazing blog called Make it Do.

Check out this beautiful project:

Make it Do has all sorts of neat projects and crafts including gift, cooking, and sewing ideas. If you're crafty at all, you should check it out!

And the blog author's slogan is:

You've got to love it!


Sunday, December 6, 2009

holiday fun!

If you like to play hostess, here are some fun ways to practice hospitality and do some outreach to the girls in your sphere of influence this holiday season!

Have a cookie baking day!
Invite some friends and perhaps some girls you're trying to reach out to from church or the community to come over for a day or evening of Christmas cookie baking! You can pick out the recipes ahead of time for several different kinds of cookies and treats (i.e. sugar cookies with decorative frosting, gingerbread men, chocolate covered pretzels, peanut-butter chocolate balls, etc.).

You can assign some ingredients to the girls to bring, and it would be nice to have some salty snacks available like popcorn, chips and salsa, or cheese and crackers to help balance out tasting all those yummy sweet treats.

Have some festive plates and perhaps some colored saran wrap available for the girls to take home a variety of the treats they helped make.

Other things to do:

-Watch a Christmas movie
-Play games

Make homemade ornaments!
This year I had a wonderful time with friends making homemade Christmas ornaments! We used a simple dough recipe, cut out shapes using cookie cutters, baked our dough cut-outs, and then painted them! Here's a recipe you can try. Pair this crafty fun with some cheerful holiday music, friends, and snacks and you'll have one enjoyable evening!

Have an ugly Christmas sweater party!
Invite your friends over for games, food, and fun all while wearing the most hideous Christmas sweaters you can find! You may even hold a contest and award the person with the ugliest sweater a prize!

What are your ideas?


barbie- is it all her fault? by amandabeth online

I would like to greatly encourage you, if you haven't already, to check out a wonderful article written by Amanda Beth of AmandaBeth Online entitled, you guessed it, Barbie- is it all her fault?

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