Sunday, August 21, 2011

as you pound the pavement...

...what is pounding in your ears (a gateway to your mind and heart)?

A good friend and sister of mine had inspired me to go running to keep in shape. When first starting, my stamina was zero, thus running was quite a chore! So to motivate myself, like many runners, I decided I needed to load my ipod with energetic music to get myself pumped up. A lot of the mainstream music out today has some great beats to help you get moving, this is true; however, listening to the beats and not the messages proved impossible for me. As I tried it out, it didn't take long for me to realize that this was not healthy for me, especially when it came to keeping my eyes on the Prize (my Lord Jesus Christ). Ever since, I've been consistently on the hunt for some good tunes minus the relentless encouragement in debauchery. To my amazement, I've been pleased with my findings. 

So, for many years it seems like a good bit (not all, mind you) of Christian music has been like the "off-brand" of music in general, as it has tried to capture the popular sounds of many secular artists, of course with a more wholesome message, but coming up short in talent, authenticity, and production quality. Today, however, with artists like Jimmy Needham and Tal & Acacia, I've been amazed at the originality and true talents that have come to the surface in the Christian music industry. Not only have I found artists that have produced quality music as far as sound goes, but that really have solid messages that minister to me daily. Like this song by sisters, Tal and Acacia:

Some upbeat artists to check out are Royal Tailor , Tal and Acacia, Beckah Shae, Group 1 Crew, Mary Mary, and Abandon. By the way, I do not fully endorse these artists' lifestyles (necessarily), but I do appreciate their quality musical artistry. Okay, onward! Here are some of the top songs on my jogging list:

Let's diligently protect our hearts!


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

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