Thursday, December 31, 2009

beauty: God's idea

Wow, I am so amazed at the awesome world God has created.

If you type "beautiful nature" in google search, this is what you will find:

What a loving God we have. It's impossible to not see the beauty in it all and to
recognize that God is the Creator of beauty in all it's forms.
We appreciate that which is readily recognizable to our eyes, but looking closer we can see
beauty abounding in fullness in a thing we call service-
service prompted by love, done in joy, and given with no strings attached.
We can see beauty in a thing called praise.
Praise given in adoration to the maker of the rain.
What is this love that takes place between a man and a woman? God designed it Himself, and deemed it the perfect representation of Christ, the bridegroom, and His bride, the church.
The beauty of sweet fellowship- friends that stick closer than a brother.
The joy of discovery and learning. Diving deeper to understand the creation we live in, and all there that abounds.
The unmistakable miracle of life- how it happens, why it happens...

it's beautiful.



Just Me said...

mmm, What a beautiful post.

Jessica Faith said...

beautiful pics and great post!!

esss said...

Love all pics & post is amazing..Excellent piece of writing...
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