Monday, October 26, 2009

the new authentic beauty online course- coming soon!

Dear Girls,

Thanks so much for the encouraging thoughts on my last post. I'm not very good at transparency, and at times it can be quite painful. :P Ah, the joys of growing. :)

I am so excited to announce a new program starting in January! I will be overseeing a course on health and social graces put on by the Authentic Beauty blog. This is a hands-on one week course where girls will learn about health, fitness, personal style (with an emphasis on femininity and modesty), graciously relating to others, etiquette, and so many other topics which we've discussed here on Authentic Beauty.

What does that mean for you? Following the live course being held here on Guam, will be an online course with a downloadable workbook and video sessions taught by yours truly and others. So keep your eyes open for the "coming out" date!

With Love,


Mac and Kat said...

Oh that sounds exciting!!


Beth Ann said...

My sentiments exactly! lol I am really looking forward to it Abigail. :)

Elena said...

Exciting! I will be looking forward to it :)

Elizabeth J. said...

Abigail, I have a quick question for you. I was wondering whether or not you would do an interview for my blog (Footprints in the Sand.) If you would rather not, please don't feel obligated to do so. Either way, I would appreciate it if you'd drop a comment on my blog to let me know. Thank you!

~Elizabeth J.

Rachel M. said...

How neat! Can't wait for it to begin. :)

Rachel M.

Costume Queen said...

Sounds awesome!! I'm looking forward to this. =)

I'm a new reader, but I LOVE your blog so far. It's so rare to find people who are truly devoted to being beautiful inside. I'm excited to become a regular reader.

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