Monday, October 12, 2009

missionary beauty

As a missionary girl, obviously I can't always afford certain luxuries that one can find in the beauty aisle at the department store. This is okay, because with some creativity and innovative thinking I don't necessarily have to do without, and neither do you! Here are some tips to keeping cute without the cost.

Lose the shine!
If you deal with midday shine as I do, having something to eliminate the shine is a dream. Oil absorbing sheets have the power to do just that, but are a little on the pricey side. A crafty alternative is to use... if you can believe it, toilet seat covers that you can find at almost any public restroom. I'm not suggesting that you stock up on these on your next day out, but you can most certainly remove the center that serves no real purpose and would otherwise be wasted anyway, and use right away or store in your purse for later. You simply press the paper where you have a problem, and you should be able to notice a difference immediately.

Oh, hair!
On my latest trip to the Philippines, I didn't really take into account that the outlets there are different to the ones we have here on Guam, and thus my curling iron was killed my first day after plugging it in. Two weeks with no blow-dryer or curling iron- what's a girl to do?

Prior to leaving for PI I read in a magazine at a salon that a way to create nice waves without curlers or a curling iron is to apply some sort of product to damp hair, place in a super-high bun, and sleep in it overnight. The result is something like this:

FYI: Abroad I discovered this amazing citrus soda which has since replaced Sprite's place in my heart.

Make them last!
Razor heads can be so expensive. A way to make them last longer and save yourself some cash on shaving cream, is to shave with baby oil! Razor heads can last for months without causing any razor burn, plus baby oil provides up to 10x the moisture on wet skin than lotion can on dry skin. All around, it's a good choice. However, be sure to scrub your tub after use, as it can make it dangerously slippery. Just ask my brother. ;-)

I'd love to hear of some your tips!



Lauren Anne said...

i don't think that would work with my hair, just because it is naturally curly and VERY dense and thick. It looks really nice on you!

Beth Ann said...

Wonderful tips! I never thought of posting the tip on shine-free alternatives! lol I had heard some time ago that that worked, and I have tried it several times. ;) I have to make sure my hair is just hardly damp (or it will still be wet when I take it out of the bun) but you are right on the outcome, it looks great! I just like showers in the morning, so that makes it hard. lol Glad to see you are back! (or are you posting from another computer?) Anyway, thanks for the great post. :0)

Hannah :) said...

I love reading your posts! I found this one extremely helpful. And humorous! I will have to try that with my hair tonight... I sleep with it wet anyways, so I'm anxious to try this!

Fantastic post. You are encouraging!

Hannah @

Traci Michele said...

Super cool tip on the baby oil! Never would have thought about that.

Just a tip- I LOVE your blog design, but I find it hard to read with the brown background. Any way you can change the "post area" to white?

Just a suggestions- you can throw it out the window, and I won't be offended.



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