Thursday, July 23, 2009

lovely hands

I admire the woman who not only works hard, but manages to put effort into making herself groomed and lovely as well! My great-grandmother was that sort of woman. To most people she probably looked like she never worked a day in her life, for she always appeared well-kept, polished, and classy; however, those manicured hands often held a scrubrush, dishrag, broom, and skillet.

Here's a manicure that'll get those hands lovely in no time!

The loveliest hands are the ones reaching out to serve.



Heathyr said...

I love your blog-is there any way you could add an RSS button so I could subscribe via my reader?

Elaine said...

Great post! I don't take very good care of my nails I'm afraid! I need to get on that ASAP!!

Amber said...

You have been awarded!!!

Carrie said...

While I agree on one hand (pun intended. Arf arf), I more tend to admire a woman who is not afraid to get her hands dirty. Really dirty.

Example---in the fall in Eastern Europe, the walnuts come in. During that time women are really working in the walnuts---and you can tell which ones, too, because their hands are stained. Are they sparkling clean and well manicured? No. Are they taking care of their family? Oh yes.

But then again I may be biased because you will often find me with filthy hands in the garden.

I even helped dig our septic tank. Now that was a dirty job!

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