Tuesday, November 3, 2009

see jane live

I have thoroughly enjoyed watching Jane Eyre over the past two nights (the new BBC version is around 4 hrs. long!). The very first time I ever watched it (a little over a year ago), I remember sitting by a fire place that very night, after everyone else had gone to bed, with my Bible. There was something in Jane's character that challenged me to the core.

Jane is not very pretty. In all honesty, she is rather plain. There is nothing extraordinary about her from one's first glance, but an observer may soon see how she is honest, forgiving, serving, humble, loyal and authentic. She doesn't worry about putting on an image, and would stick by someone even if every other soul had fled from sight.

She doesn't talk very much, and that's one of the things I love about her. She's a great example of living out one's faith. She puts high stock in character and encourages cultivating the beauty of the inner man. I love it.

If you ever get the chance, watch the movie or read the book. And let me know what you think!



Beth Ann said...

Hello! :)

I actually have never read the book or watched the whole film because I thought it had something to do with her and a married man falling in love. Now since I don't really know the whole story I could be wrong. Is that how it is? A romance with a married man?

HIS daughter said...

OH THAT IS MY FAVORITE BOOK OF ALL TIME! I love it! I haven't watched the movie though...need to do that :)

Beth Ann said...

Thanks for explaining it to me abby. :) Looking forward to reading it now. ;)

Autumn Rasmussen said...

It IS a very good movie! I completely agree. and the book really is even better, because you understand her emotions and feelings better. One of my favorites of all time.

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