Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Great Read!

So I'm supposed to be reading Jane Austen's classic, Northanger Abbey, but a book a friend lent me seems to be before my eyes anytime I have a spare moment for reading.

Stepping Heavenward: One Woman's Journey to Godliness by Mrs. E. Prentiss has be such a jewel. It's written as the journal of passionate Katherine, who candidly writes about her endeavor for Godliness.

Katherine is one of those characters who is obviously flawed, but oh so loveable. Along her journey she shares timeless truths and desires, such as when she confessed, "But this new happiness is deeper; it involves something higher than getting to heaven at last, which has, hitherto, been my great aim." You also get a peek into how she learned some tough lessons, as she's also the sort of girl who better learns by experience and therefor is liable to get some scrapes and bruises.

Written with humility, grace, and humor, the only thing I can say to you is read it!


1 comment:

vic[tori]a said...

i love northanger abbey.

and i've also been in the process of reading stepping heavenward for about 4 years now....haha. how horrible is that?! i need to finish it...because it IS good.

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