Friday, April 17, 2009

Mission Modesty

So I'm hoping to teach the Christian Charm Course at our Christian school here on Guam, and in one of the sections we'll be talking about modesty and dressing appropriately for various occasions.

I am so blessed to have friends I can call in to help with this special project! I knew just who to ask to put together some stylish and modest outfits for the following categories:

What to wear when...
Going to a place of worship.
Going out with family and/or friends (evening).
In a casual/fun setting.

A Place of Worship

Models are Samantha, Mary Anne, and Tori.

Out With Family and Friends (Evening Look)

In a Casual/Fun Setting

I would like to publicly thank these girls for there resolve to keep a personal standard of modesty (for guarding the eyes and hearts of their brothers and not seeking to bring inappropriate attention to themselves); and not only that, but doing it with amazing style!

I will be using these photos and some notes sent in with them to help give a visual to the girls I'll be working with. I want to communicate that dressing modestly doesn't mean looking frumpy, but that with resourcefulness and creativity you can put together outfits that look great yet don't serve as a stumbling block.

If you'd like to contribute to Mission Modesty, please send pictures of your modest outfits to for the following categories:

What to wear when...
Going to a place of worship.
Going out with family and/or friends (evening).
In a casual/fun setting.

Thank you!

More about modesty:

C.J. Mahaney talks about the "soul of modesty".

Read what guys think about modesty (what they appreciate and what causes them to stumble)- very eye-opening!




vic[tori]a said...

this is such a great project, abigail! i'm glad i was able to contribute something, and i hope you have much success as you communicate these ideas and principles to many girls.

you, as well, truly embody what it is to be beautiful, stylish, and modest. keep it up!

Elena said...

Wow Abby, that is so neat that you will be starting this course.
I will be praying for you!

You picked the perfect people to show that modesty is more than jumpers and turtlenecks.

You have such a sweet inner beauty that continually flows out through your writings and desires.

Susannah said...

these models are stunning-inside and out by their example! :)

Christ-Follower said...

Hey thanks for the tips on Modesty! I love the video! Thanks for the advise and things about modesty. I appreciate it very much!!!
I found your blog through a friend!

Leah said...

Cute outfits! I actually came across this modesty survey a while ago and read it then but thank you for a good reminder! It's SO important to be careful with what you are wearing and how you are wearing it. Some people might say "Well it's just a pair of pants...or it's just a shirt why does it matter?" It matters because if you can't honestly say that you think that your shirt brings glory to God, or if you can't honestly say that if Jesus was standing right beside you that you would still wear that shirt then you shouldn't be wearing it! When you think of it that way it really makes pickin' out an outfit kinda hard! But the thought that you are glorifying God in your pursuit of modesty makes it all worth while!

Elaine said...

These outfits gave me some good ideas, thanks!

Anonymous said...

I really like the orange top and jacket. Very chic, modern and modest. Great stuff!

Charity Anne said...
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