Sunday, April 19, 2009

More On Modesty

I was looking on youtube to maybe find some more modest fashion tips or examples, and instead found this video of a group of guys talking about modesty and giving a "guy's perspective". This was a video put together as an ice-breaker for 6th-12th grade girls. I found it to be interesting and insightful and thought you probably would too.

Remember, these are just regular Christian brothers being candid on the subject. I know being as open about it had to be a little awkward, so I commend these guys for pressing past that and being honest about what can be a struggle for them.

Again, for a more detailed look at what may serve as stumbling blocks to our brothers as far as the way we girls dress goes, check out a modesty survey conducted by

Also, check out Free to Be Modest by Nancy Leigh DeMoss.




Sarah said...

Abi, what a great idea to have this blog! Sometime you should do a post on various shapes and how to dress for your shape! has a section about that. :)

Elizabeth J. said...

I came across your blog and I love it.

Leah said...

That's AMAZING! It always helps to get a guys perspective on modesty. It has been an encouragement to me because lately I've been struggling with some heart issues on being modest. I am around a lot of girls that dress not extremely immodest but just enough were I start to think what are you trying to draw attention to? And it gets really hard not to want to dress like them, I mean some of the things that they were are "Cute" but at the same time not so much. Does that make ANY sense at all?! :) Either way, thank you for posting that. I just came across your blog and I really love it. I love the fact that you are focusing on "authentic beauty".

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