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No matter where you are right now in your life- a daughter still at home, a wife and mother, a college student, or someone with an occupation, I think we both can agree that having some earnings/extra earnings is always nice! That being the case, I want to share with you some of my favorite cottage industries!

For the Creative and Crafty

If you have an eye for design and are pretty nifty with a computer, there are several ways to turn that creativity and skill into a way to bring in some earnings!

What's so great about this, is that you're not working directly for TCSOTB, you're more like a freelancer! Read up on the design requirements, create a website template design, which you can make in Photoshop or a free downloadable design software (google:, and then just e-mail it in! TCSOTB will turn it into a real functioning website and every time your design sales (like on consignment), you'll get compensated.

I've personally submitted one website design using and digital scraps (ones that are okay for commercial use). Just a note: if you use you'll need to download a free software that will convert your designs to a file that can work with Photoshop for when you submit it in to TCSOTB (google: convert .pdn files to .psd files). Making a design was pretty simple and, since I like crafty things, fun!

Do Web Designing or Other Digital Media
With the Internet becoming the basis of many businesses (big and small), the need for quality online advertisement is growing. If you think you're capable of designing a quality and attractive digital advertisement, consider doing this form of freelance designing!

Also, some bloggers don't mind paying for a quality layout, signature, buttons, etc. If this is something you're interested in, check out alchemy on custom requests for digital items. You can also change the search to something more specific like blog layout or banner, to find potential customers who would like a designer for those items.

You will need to sign up with (which is free to do) in order accept a job that is listed in their alchemy section.

Reap What You Sew
If you have a sewing machine and a knack for sewing projects, there is definitely a market for you! There are people who have things that they'd like sewn for them which they've listed, along with what they'd ideally like to pay, for someone to do for them. These listings are found on in their alchemy section: freelance sewing projects. You will need to sign up with etsy (it's free) before offering to do a project you see listed.

Open a Virtual Shop for Your Handmade Things!
Having a virtual store may sound intimidating, but don't fret friend! It's pretty easy and incredibly affordable with is all about things handmade! Do you have a skill for making jewelry? Sewing projects? Candles? Homemade beauty products? Art? Scrapbooking? If you make it with your hands, and you do a quality job, you most likely can sell it here. So check it out!
Here's a video from the Dave Ramsey show of a stay-at-home mom who started a home-based business with only $100 designing and making tote bags!

Check out her website at:

For the Personable
Be a Beauty Representative
Selling cosmetics is not only a profitable business, but it's an awesome window to reach out to woman, encouraging them and reminding them what a beautiful creation they are of a loving God! You've probably heard of Mary Kay and Avon. These products pretty much sell themselves; however, it does take someone with discipline, responsibility, organization, and personability! Find more information about Avon or Mary Kay!
These are just a few of many businesses you can have from home! There really is so much you can do! So if this is something you're interested in, put your inhibitions aside, tap into that determination and creativity, and go for it!
Check out the cottage industries of some of my friends!

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Christ-Follower said...

Hey Abigail,
Thanks for the great ideas. I would like to earn some money but not really interested in working outside the home. I think that I will try one and see how it goes.
Thanks again! :D
1 Corinthians 1: 8-9

Jessica Lewis said...


Great blog! I'm adding you to my Live Beautiful blog list. :) LOVE what you're doing here!

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