Thursday, June 25, 2009

encouraging style without compromise

Hello Friends!

I truly hope you've been able to participate in the AmandaBeth Fashion Week which started June 1st. If not, you to check it out! Be inspired by "encouraging style without compromise!"



Shutterfli said...

Hello, again, Abigail!! Did you do fashion week at Amanda's blog? Well, I didn't, but this is pretty funny... I know Amanda Flynn!!!! My family went to church with hers when we lived in Rhode Island a few years ago. ;) It's a small world, I guess. ;)

I remember getting out of the airport the first time, too - that was so shocking. I'd never felt anything quite like it since! ;) We had to fly back to the states a few times during our stay on Guam and coming back to the US was almost the same... but it was easier to breathe!! But then going back to Guam you had the same experience all over again! ;)

Just your talking about southern comfort foods and movies made me feel right at home! Although my family's from all over the US, we love southern cooking, southern accents, and southern people!! ;)

We just watched Seven Brides for Seven Brothers with my brother the other night (he was at work when we saw it the first time). He LOVED it!! Especially after Milly has her baby and Gideon discovers he's an uncle... and he liked the barn fight. (what is it about a staged fight that makes it so funny?)

;) Hope you have a great day! See you around!

Sarah E. said...

I really like your singnature! It's so cute.


P.S. I'm Shutterfli's sister.

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