Sunday, June 14, 2009

extreme makeover: blog edition!

Unless you're visiting here for the first time, you have probably noticed how much of a physical change the Authentic Beauty blog has been going through lately, and I must say that the most recent look is my favorite yet. ;-)

While trying to find a style that fit the theme of "authentic beauty", I came across some amazing sites for free blog backgrounds! Personally, my favorite styles are those made from digital scrapbooking art. Not only are they vivid and attractive, but they're personal looking, and often very well done.

Take a look for yourself, and go for having an extreme makeover: blog edition!

The Cutest Blog On The Block
On this website, not only will you find some really cute blog looks, but you'll also find tutorials on how to cutsomize your blog header, make your own blog template, and create a personalized blog signature!
Allie Browns Layouts
Allie Brown has a wide variety of blog styles that I just love! Which is obvious, because my current one is from her. She does a very quality job. :)
Paisley Cat Scraps
Aqua Poppy Designs
Hippo Scraps Blog Layouts
Scrap My Blog

With Love,



Noel said...

the blog looks great! I love cutest blogs on the block :)

Shutterfli said...
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Shutterfli said...

Hello, Abigail!! I LOVE your blog. It's so cool!

I was reading your profile - did you REALLY live on Guam?! I did, too!!! My Dad was in the military and we were there twice - once from 1993 (I was a baby) to 1995, and then from 2002 to 2004. Cool!! I loved Guam and I miss it. We don't live by the beach anymore, and I'm afraid that I really wish I could go back to living next to the ocean!! :)

SO sorry about having to delete the comment - I thought I'd spelled something wrong!! :)

Shutterfli said...

I was just reading your profile again and I can't believe it - you like old movies, too!? Especially Seven Brides for Seven Brothers?! As ironic as this sounds - I was just watching that for the first time ever last night!!!!!!!! It was hilarious! I couldn't stop laughing!! And you're a Southern girl! My Mom was born in VA and raised in FL. So I'm a southern girl at heart... though I only lived in FL for nine months once. :) And you like photography!!! Me too!! :) How funny.

Jenilee said...

what a fun post for SAH Missionary! :) I enjoyed reading the helpful tips!

Jenilee said...

ok - i just read the comments on this post and I LOVE Seven Brides for Seven Brothers!! In fact, I just watched it with my 6 year old for the first time when she was sick a few saturdays ago and she loved it to. I plan to pass my love of old musicals on to my girls. :)

sasha said...

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