Friday, May 1, 2009

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What's Your Season?

I am amazed at the unique make-up of each individual, for not only does every one of us ladies have unique figures (as we discussed earlier), but we have a unique undertone to our skin of which certain colors are most flattering to.

I bought a red sweater once, in which I loved the fit; however, the shade of red seemed to wash me out and had an overpowering effect. This same sweater I gave to a friend and it looked great on her! How is that? It was after I read Color Me Beautiful did I begin to understand more fully how this could be.

In this book, an idea was presented that each woman as her own color palette which best complements her and may be described in the way of a season: summer (cool colors), spring (warm colors), winter (cool colors), and autumn (warm colors).

There are certain physical attributes which determine your season (eye color, hair color, skin undertone, etc.). According to the the season determining tests, I am a spring. I have golden undertones to my skin, so I look best in warm, bright and sunny colors. The red sweater I bought was bold with a blue undertone, so of course it would look better on my winter friend who looks best in cool bold colors and jewel tones.

Knowing my colors has helped me a whole lot! It's great to know what colors suit you best, and to build your wardrobe with only those colors as your guide, so that every shade in your closet is flattering to you.

Find out what season you are here.

So, what season are you?

Sincerely spring,


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Anna Kate said...

alas, I am indeed a spring, just as I had predicted. :) I wanted to be autumn, although I have actually grown quite fond of the spring wardrobe. I bought a salmon colored blouse a few weeks ago and it's one of the best looking outfits on me.

hm, would that "winter friend" of yours be Krista by any chance? ;) She talked about Color Me Beautiful at TP Endeavor, and how you guys did it together.

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