Saturday, May 30, 2009

Wear a Scarf!

scarves =D

There is something incredibly feminine and charming about a scarf, and I believe that is ground enough for scarves to have remained in the wardrobes of woman throughout the generations. There are many statements you can say by adding a scarf to an outfit (differing according the style of scarf you choose and the way you wear it, of course!). You can create a look that is classic, chic, trendy, or artsy.

Scarves come in such an array of colors and styles that can be beautifully inspiring and fun! So, break out a scarf and while you're at it, check out nearly 35 different ways to wear it!



simplebeauty said...

Oh I just love scarf's but I've been struggling with different ways to wear them! Thanks for this great post! Now I can refresh my style with them. Yesterday I was able to pick up some vintage scarfs from a garage sale and I can not wait to put them to good use!!

Elizabeth J. said...

I love wearing scarf's because they add such a femine touch to any outfit. I actually saw some cute scarves at Walmart, I think that's a good thing.=)

Something Marvellous said...

Oh my goodness! I have become obsessed with scarves this season, it has practically been the only thing I buy this year. Forever 21 and Target has cute, inexpensive ones.

Thanks for putting my button on your blog! :)

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