Friday, May 22, 2009

it's a date: let's get cookin'!

Photos courtesy of Tabby.

There is much to learn from the older and wiser woman in our lives, as we read in Titus 2:4&5 (to be sober, discreet, chaste...), but how about something of a culinary sort? My friends, Michelle and Tabby, and I asked pastor's wife, "Auntie Gwen", to share with us some of her skills in the kitchen. She is said to be one of the best cooks on our island. Being the dear lady she is, she agreed, and a date to cook dinner at her house was set!

That night we learned some useful tips like how to cut an onion like a pro, and how one can recycle a bottle used for dish washing soap for olive oil, which makes for easier use when cooking because of it's nifty squirt lid.

I'd encourage you to grab some friends (or some siblings) and plan a dinner date with an older, more kitchen-savvy lady (could be a mom, grandma, lady from church, or family friend), and ask her to teach you some of her tricks. She would probably be delighted to help. You can plan a meal, maybe including some of her recipes you'd like to learn, offer to help pay for ingredients, and have a blast!

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