Sunday, May 17, 2009

féminin tresses défi: one week challenge

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Why not try something new with those tresses? This week join me in taking the féminin tresses défi , a one week challenge to try a new a feminine hairstyle each day.

Here are 17 styles that take 10 mins. or less to create from check it out! Also 19 more styles to try.

If your hair is shorter than mid-length, there are few great styles here.

Have fun, and if you'd like to share how the challenge is coming, e-mail your comments and photos to or comment with a link to your own blog.

I'll be posting my progress, so if you'd like to see you can check back throughout the week . :)

With Love,


DAY 5 (last day!): Fab Friday

I know this is another ponytail, but in my defense, it's not just any pony, this is the "high volume" pony (or as high as I could get it, anyway!). What could be better for "Fab Friday"?

Try a style like this.

DAY 4: Thriving Thursday

I'm not usually into ponytails, but I have to admit this one really is chic!

DAY 3: Winsome Wednesday

Try a style like this.

DAY 2: Typical Tuesday? Think again.

Wow, what a day! Here are the remnants of my hairstyle challenge from this morning. :)

My friend, Anna Kate, tried the high pony for her tuesday challenge:

Try a style like this.

DAY 1: Mahvelous Monday

Try a style like this.


Anna Kate said...

YAY Abigail! I am really, really excited about this. I am definitely going to try these hair styles. I was thinking just the other day how I need some more hairstyles. I'm growing my hair out again, because I love it long, but every time it gets long, I always want to cut it back short, because I can never think of anything interesting to do. Hopefully some of these ideas will help me keep it long. ;)

Thanks for posting!

Amber said...

Cool challenge. I am going to try a couple of them. I get so frustrated with my hair a lot of the times. It used to just be stuck with a lame ponytail, but lately I have been doing one and two braids, different ponytail styles, and half up and down. I also found this new style I love. You braid a smallish strand of hair on each side of your head in front then just pull all your hair back into a "sloppy" or loose bun. Really easy and cute. lol Okay sorry my comment is so long. TTYL

Esther Zimmerman said...

Yay! Thanks for posting these! I'm am pathetic with my far as the amount of ways that I do it.
And, since I'm doing the 7 days in a dress challenge...I'm searching for ideas! =D

Susannah said...

my goodness! this is wonderful. i've really enjoyed looking over your site, abby! :) this is so much fun! feels like we're all having "girl time!" ;) thanks so much for posting this. i love you!

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