Wednesday, September 9, 2009

the amy challenge: day 3

::Day 3::

I know I've been wearing a lot of skirts for this challenge, but I have a legitimate excuse, as they're required for my job. :P Okay, I love this brightly colored vintage-looking plaid top, and what makes it better is that I got a really good deal on it! This is paired with a denim skirt, white ballet flats, and a long necklace of sparkling turquoise and wooden beads from Maurices.



simplebeauty said...

Oh I just love this look! And that skirt. I've a few jean skirts but since I got them at a thrift store they don't fit just right. May I ask just where on earth did you find that darling skirt?

Many smiles!

simplebeauty said...

Oh I use to live near a Ross. You can find some wonderful bargains! Thanks for letting me know! Smiles...

~Miss Zara~ said...

I have special needs,would you like to be penpals?
Let me know please

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