Friday, September 18, 2009

feminine coffee: a guest post by elizabeth

As I sat here late at night, studying, my mind wandered down a path that was so intriguingly different that it just had to pause and sit a spell. I will warn you, these are random thoughts...

I believe the female mind and it's complexities can be seen in her cup of coffee.

Right now, I'm drinking a delicious concoction: half coffee, half milk, and a heaping spoonful of sugar. This is the description of the typical cup of "Joe(Anna)." What does this have to do with the female mind, you ask? Stay with me.

Coffee is made to keep you awake. Warm milk is meant to put you to sleep. Sugar makes you energized, then crash into a subdued state.

How contradictory. Can't we females make up our mind? Can't we drink something less complicated? "No!" is the emphatic answer, it seems we can not. We "must" take extra time deciding what we are wearing, even though our closet is full of outfits we have already worn before with good taste. When with a group of girl friends, we "must" spend our first half hour together saying the same phrases over and over: "What would you like to do?" "It doesn't matter to me. What would you like to do?" "It doesn't matter to me. What would you..."

Ladies, as unnatural as it may feel, we must to learn how to be decisive and deal in facts.

Tis no wonder that an indecisive man is unstable in all his ways, (James 1:8) that would make him like a woman! Feelings of sympathy flood my mind as I see how difficult it must be for men to understand us.

So next time you drink your feminized beverage, take joy in every complicated, contradictory, sweet, sip. But with each sip, keep in mind our need as ladies to be more consistent and decisive in our lives--unlike our coffee.

A toast--to feminine coffee!

Elizabeth :)

I love this girl!



Leah said...

That is brilliant!! Well done! :) And I don't even drink coffee!! :P

HannahP said...

This is GREAT!!! =)

Lauren Anne said...

great!!! i just realized that i read every single post of yours but never comment. so i feel that I know you, but you have no idea who i am.

I am inviting 2 people to write a guest post for my blog. could you go to my blog and see if you would be intereded?

Beth Ann said...

Nicely done. It gets its point across! :)

Lauren Anne said...

could you do September the 27 (the first one!) Thank you SO much!

brightlight08 said...

Good thoughts! Yes, it is a sad thing to see a man *attempt* to understand us... lol Oh, well.
I guess Yahweh made us as yet another example for why this world is complicated... And therefore worthwhile. :-)

brightlight08 said...

Well, thank you for commenting on MY blog! :-)

Thanks for the heads up! I fixed the link. I didn't even notice the mistake until you told me... lol


Elizabeth J. said...

Very well written and I certainly agree! I actually am a very decisive (shocking...I know!) female but thanks for helping me see that we need do need to be that femininely.

Seven Sisters said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Seven Sisters said...

That's great! I don't even like coffee :)


Lauren Anne said...

i just want to remind you that the guest post will be put up this sunday...please email your finished product to

Noel said...

what a great post and how true :)

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